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Waste Away Together Untitled Document

does not exist, but I have found someone so close it’s terrifying and our relationship is exactly what I have spent years dreaming about. 

I have finally found a handsome man with body mods who enjoys curling up in bed with tea and a movie, is in a band, amazing at guitar and bass, wants to travel, has a flawless taste in music, but most importantly he respects me.

He skypes me at two in the morning not because he is turned on looking for some action, but because he wants to know how I take my crackers with soup. He randomly calls me just to say goodnight and hear my voice. He plays me stuff on the guitar while I curl up in his favourite sweater in bed. He talks more than me and always has something to say. Best of all, he is teaching me how to open up to someone again. 

I have never been so happy in my life.